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Golden Door Chakra Mala Bracelet


The Golden Door Mala is an inspiration for meditation and a reminder of healthy intentions. The Mon (Japanese Family Crest) reminds us of our commitment to ourselves and the path we follow toward strength and enlightenment. 

Our unique bracelets are hand-crafted in San Diego by artist Reba Engel with select gemstones and a vermeil logo charm that is sterling silver plated with 22k gold. Bracelets are neatly finished with a sliding macrame knot to count each bead in meditation.

Choose the intention and corresponding gemstone that resonates with you, and wear as a daily symbol of meaning and balance.


White (Clear Quartz): Crown Chakra- higher self, clarity, uplifting

Purple (Amethyst): Third Eye Chakra- intuition, divine love, inspiration

Blue (Lapis Lazuli): Throat Chakra- communication, friendship & peace of mind

Green (Malachite): Heart Chakra- unconditional love & emotions, promise of new hope

Golden (Pyrite): Solar Plexus Chakra- growth, physical health & creativity, powerful alignment with higher self

Orange (Carnelian): Sacral Chakra- creativity, warming, social & joyous

Red (Garnet): Root Chakra- grounding & centering

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