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Exceptional California Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our newest product—Sevillano California Extra Virgin Olive Oil— is truly exceptional, and we know it will soon become a “must have” in your kitchen. This olive oil was inspired by the beautiful olive groves that grow along the mountainside above our lake here at the Golden Door.

Prized for its distinct fresh flavor and deep green color, our Sevillano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed to capture all the rich fruity olive flavor. Smooth and full-flavored, with hints of artichokes and fresh herbs, it highlights the rich zest of newly-ripened green olives without any bitter or peppery finish. Golden Door Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal as a finishing touch to dishes, drizzling over garden vegetables or in salad dressings. 

100% Extra Virgin
California Grown
First Cold Pressed
Fruity and Smooth

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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