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It’s a lot easier to step out of your comfort zone when you’re comfortable.
Golden Door guests enjoy classes like fencing, archery and kick-boxing that challenge the mind and body. And they look and feel great doing them.
Sakura Skull Jacket Sakura Skull Jacket
Sakura Skull Jacket - (Reversible) The Ukiyo-e "GASHA DOKURO" (Japanese folk monster) by Kuniyoshi Utagawa tells the...
Peacock Jacket Peacock Jacket
Peacock Jacket - (Reversible)The contrast of red and white peony is a beautiful Japanese masterpiece. Ukiyo-e "Rosho...

Rising Carp Jacket Rising Carp Jacket
Rising Carp Jacket - (Reversible) Leaping from the pond of a Japanese garden when the cherry...

Sakura Tiger Jacket Sakura Tiger Jacket
Sakura Tiger Jacket - (Reversible) "RyuKo-Zu Byobu" (A folding screen with Dragon and Tiger) by Sanraku...

Spiral Dragon Jacket Spiral Dragon Jacket
Spiral Dragon Jacket - (Reversible) A dragon blowing a storm. Lifelike images seem to burst out...

Golden Door Women's Jacket Golden Door Women's Jacket
Breathable, high-quality and long-lasting everyday use woman’s jacket. Mid-weight, high collar, full-zip front, and side...

Golden Door Yoga Mat Golden Door Yoga Mat
All-purpose premium exercise yoga mat. Durable double sided slip resistant surfaces designed to give you...

Golden Door Logo Cap Golden Door Logo Cap
Golden Door logo cap. Fabric – Poly-micro jacquard. Scotchgard protected Moisture wicking, stain resistant, breathable...
Golden Door Yukata Golden Door Yukata
Luxurious traditional Japanese Ryokan Robe with waist tie around. Lightweight, comfortable and soft to the...


When the dinner bell rings at Golden Door our guests gather in the intimate dining room wearing our humble, refined cotton yukata. The simpler the dinner attire the more interesting the conversation.

Cell Phone Sleep Bag Cell Phone Sleep Bag
The cell phone sleep bag will conceal your phone from view so that you can...

Susutake Twist Chopsticks Susutake Twist Chopsticks
Golden Door’s Home Collection has been carefully curated from artisans through out the world. Bamboo...

Little Door

100% of Golden Door profits go to end child abuse and transform young lives!
'Future Golden Door Guest' Baby Bib 'Future Golden Door Guest' Baby Bib
Premium quality soft, absorbent snap closure cotton bib. Available in White with Blue or White...

Golden Door Hooded Towel & Mitt Golden Door Hooded Towel & Mitt
Extra soft and super absorbent hooded towel and mitt designed for baby's comfort . Available...

Golden Door Baby Layette Golden Door Baby Layette
Adorable quilted snap closure onesie. Available in White or Blue Quilted 100% Pima Cotton Sizes:...

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