Golden Kaleidoscope

Golden Kaleidoscope

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Introducing custom Kaleidoscopes made exclusively for the Golden Door by Koji Yamami – the world-renowned Kaleidoscope maker. Each one was hand made in Japan and with the highest quality materials. 

In Japanese, the kaleidoscope is known as "mangekyo" (万華鏡, roughly meaning "Ten Thousand Shining Mirrors").

From Koji Yamami's Venus series - this is Venus Ⅲ in Gold, a handheld kaleidoscope whose body is entirely made of gold plated glass. The object cell is a fluid-filled, turning globe that includes lampworked glass and highly reflective dichroic glass pieces. Interior images are created with a 3 mirror system. You will be amazed at the interior colors this beautiful kaleidoscope creates.   

This scope measures 7-3/4" tall by 2-1/4" in diameter at the eyepiece end.

Limited quantities available

100% of Golden Door’s net profits go to help end child abuse and transform young lives.

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