Cell Phone Sleep Bag
Cell Phone Sleep Bag

Cell Phone Sleep Bag

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The cell phone sleep bag will conceal your phone from view so that you can enjoy your time alone or with others.

"Slide off. Tuck it away. Put technology to sleep, to wake back up. Give your brain a nap. Bring your body back to the sensory pleasures of the present moment, one breath at a time. Inhale each new drop of oxygen. Appreciating it more than the last. gaze at the vastness around you. At nature's magnitude. At those you love. And deeply within. Choose to look more at your inner wisdom than the screen. Disconnect to reconnect. Embrace the sweetness of being alive by choosing to unplug."

100% cotton bag is easy to use and easy to clean.

Drawstring prevents cell phone from falling out of bag.

100% of Golden Door’s net profits go to help end child abuse and transform young lives.

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