Spicy Serrano Honey

Delightful Spicy Serrano Honey

2.6 oz jar


This spicy honey is full of flavor and will go great with cornbread, salmon, salsas, teas, mango, nuts, dressings, chicken, ham, strawberries and much more.

Ingredients: Raw Honey, Organic Serrano Pepper

Our Golden Door honey is produced by bees who collect nectar from wildflowers in local gardens and groves. Executive Chef Greg Frey, Jr. is an experienced bee keeper who is passionate about raising honey bees to sustain our ecosystem while producing this light, refreshing treat that makes life sweeter.


Did You Know

  •  100% of Golden Door’s net profits go to select charities across the U.S. that are dedicated to transforming the lives of children.
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    Ingredients: Raw Honey, Organic Serrano Pepper