Blackberry Lavender Sauce

Riesling, ginger and lavender
notes make this sing

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Our sauce, with Riesling, ginger and lavender, was made for your game. If your love is not on the wild side, you can tame domestic fare as well. Serve with any roasted or grilled game (duck, quail, venison), with beef, chicken, or pork. On the other side of the palate, use as a dessert sauce over ice cream, pound cake, as a salad dressing or swirl it in a frozen Margarita.



Marion blackberry purée, pure cane sugar, fresh ginger, Riesling wine, lavender


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  • Product Info

    Golden Door Artisan foods are all sourced from local growers and processed at a local facilities based in Southern California. Our products contain no chemical preservatives or artificial sweeteners, are non-GMO, all natural, organic, vegan, gluten – and soy-free. All are made in small batches. Your first and last impression of our jams is the taste of vine or tree ripened fruit.


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