Honey & Salt Gift Collection

3 jars of delightful honey & 3 jars of essential salt

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Sweet & Salty- the perfect flavor combination! Use both our Delightful Honey and Essential Salt Trio to add some pizazz to your culinary creations. They also make great gifts for the holidays or any party host!


Included in this gift set:


Honey Collection 

  • Delightful Sweet Peppermint Honey
  • Delightful Applewood Smoked Honey
  • Delightful Spicy Serrano Honey


Bees are essential to life! And while we respect their vital role in pollination, it’s their sweet side we truly love. We’re infatuated with Delightful Sweet Peppermint Honey swirled into a cup of hot tea. We go nuts for nuts tossed with Delightful Spicy Serrano Honey and lightly roasted. And we are crazy for Delightful Smoked Applewood Honey drizzled over a mild and creamy cheese. Experiment and enjoy! The more honey you eat the more bee jobs you save!


Salt Collection

  • 2 oz. Essential Smoked Fennel Salt
  • 2 oz. Essential Spicy Serrano Salt
  • 1.6 oz. Essential Sweet Maple Salt

Give any meal an artisan flair with these essentials salts ranging in flavors from smoky, to spicy to sweet. Spruce up breakfast or add some spice to the flavor of your favorite steak. From dinner to dessert, your taste buds will be delighted! This 3-pack of gourmet salts makes a great gift for the foodie in your life!


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  • How to Use

    Delightful Honey Collection:

    3 Jars of Honey

    2.6 oz each


    Serrano- Raw Honey, Organic Serrano Pepper

    Applewood- Raw Honey, Applewood Smoke

    Peppermint- Raw Honey, Peppermint Oil


    Essential Salt Collection

    3 jars of salt

    1.6-2 oz each


    Serrano- Sea Salt, ground serrano peppers

    Maple- Maple Sugar, Vanilla Salt (sea salt and ground vanilla beans), Organic black pepper

    Fennel- Alder smoked salt, Organic crushed Fennel Seed